Simplified School Lunch PDF Guide Only

Develop essential routines and systems to simplify lunch with this PDF Guide.

With two children and a desire to nourish my family with real, healthy food (and avoid ultra-processed food), I've learned just how much thought goes into sourcing, making, and packing a healthy lunch.

From my days of picky eaters and toddlers at home to now having older children in school and working full time, I’ve gained a ton of experience with raising healthy kids. I know how much work goes into feeding a family nourishing food.

I believe that nourishing a family shouldn't be complicated and it shouldn't require spending all day in the kitchen. That's why I created this basic guide.

Whether your children are preschoolers or teenagers, whether you homeschool or send your children to school outside the home, this guide will empower you with:

  • the strategies needed to eliminate stress and simplify healthy meals
  • lunch ideas (so you'll never get stuck in a rut again)
  • how to build a healthy lunch and nourish your kids with real ingredients (whether your kids are adventorous or picky)
  • lunch packing inspiration (with photos and ideas)
  • over 90 family-friendly, picky-eater approved recipes that work for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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What You'll Learn:

  • how to build a healthy lunch
  • the essential components to a healthy lunch
  • routines and rhythms that simplify nourishing your family with healthy lunches
  • how to meal plan to reduce the need to think about healthy meals throughout the week (and save your mental energy and time)
  • how to prepare food in advance to save you time and energy and eliminate stress
  • over 50 healthy lunch ideas (you'll never get stuck in a rut again)
  • how to prep lunch components in advance (and use these foods to also simplify breakfast and dinner)
  • healthy store-bought food recommendations to save you time
  • the best lunch containers and accessories for portable lunches
  • 90 recipes (healthy, real food, family-friendly, picky-eater approved, with allergy-friendly recommendations and substitutions)
  • over 50 printable lunch idea cards for instant visual inspiration

What's Included:

  • basic guide including printable lunch idea cards for quick inspiration, lunch idea list so you never run out of ideas, store-bought food recommendations to save you time, 4 ready-to-go lunch meal plans, lunch meal plan template, how to get your kids on board with healthy lunches
  • full color photographs for each recipe and lunch ideas
  • private Facebook Group
  • BONUS VIDEO: how to create a meal plan
  • BONUS VIDEO: best lunch containers and accessories

Here's what the community has to say...

“Going through the program is definitely giving me the energy and inspiration I need to keep going.”

I am working my way through your school lunch plan and am loving it. A real food diet is not new for me, but I have to say, I am so inspired and excited by your recipes. We’ve made a lot of changes in our home but had been falling back into some old habits I’m not proud of. Going through the program is definitely giving me the energy and inspiration I need to keep going.


“The week ran so much better and I wasn’t stressed out about meals.”

It took a huge weight off my shoulders to have everything planned out and some meal components prepped! Yay!! The week ran so much better and I wasn’t stressed out about meals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download the print the guide (meal plans, ideas, recipes, etc.)?
Yes, once you complete your purchase, you'll have instant access to the Basic Guide, including the Facebook group, recipes, bonus videos. The resources are housed in our online platform, Teachable. Teachable may be accessed through your computer, tablet, or the app (Teachable) on your phone. You get lifetime access to the resources in this Basic guide and you can download and print any or all pages.
I have a picky eater. Will this guide work for us?
Yes, 100%! I've dealt with picky seasons with my own kids over the years. My kids are not "perfect" eaters (whatever that means). I believe healthy, real food should be enjoyable for the whole family, not just adults. Real food should bring your family together, not be a source of struggle. This guide was created with all "eaters" in mind. The recipes are picky-eater approved while still being incredibly healthy and nutrient-dense.
What's the refund policy?
Due to the digital and downloadable nature of this guide, returns are not allowed. If for some reason you need assistance or have a question about your purchase, please contact me (Kristin) at [email protected] so we can find a way to resolve the issue. Live Simply is 100% committed to helping families and your satisfaction is always our top priority.
My kids are not in school. Is this guide appropriate for us?
Yes, this guide will work for anyone with or without kids. While the emphasis is on nourishing kids (no matter the age), the food, ideas, and recipes are not "kid food" (for the most part). The meals are nutrient-dense real foods that will be enjoyed by all ages. This guide works for families with children of all ages, whether your children go to school outside the home, you choose to homeschool, or you have toddlers and preschoolers at home.
We have food allergies. Will this guide work for us?
Yes, while this guide doesn't exclude any one healthy food group, there are ways to make modifications to recipes calling for dairy or suggestions involving dairy. There are also plenty of gluten-free recipes. There is an entire section in the recipe book about modifications along with an allergy-friendly chart.

Transform the way your family eats by making and serving healthy lunches the whole family will love.

Learn how to nourish your family with healthy lunches without deprivation or power struggles.

Whether you're new to real food, have picky eaters at home, or need fresh lunch inspiration and ideas, this guide will empower you to source, make, and pack healthy, real food lunches for kids of all ages (from 2-100).

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Kristin Marr
Kristin Marr

Kristin is a former 1st grade teacher turned full-time blogger. In 2013, Kristin started Live Simply, an online resource for families wanting to simplify real food and natural wellness. Today, she is the Chief Content Creator for Live Simply (a job that involves lots of cooking and good eating), podcast host (Live Simply, The Podcast), and a busy mom of two kids.