Welcome Video

Welcome to the Simplified School Lunch Master Course!

Simplifying lunch starts before you ever open the lunchbox. In this course, you'll learn a systematic, easy-to-implement approach to simplifying lunch. As you work through the course, it's important that you're not just learning the information but that you're also taking action.

I recommend working through ONE class per week. This will give you time to watch the audio and video lessons, take action on what you're learning by doing the homework, and also look through the guides and cheat sheets provided.

You have life-time access to this course. You can access the platform on your computer or mobile device. For a mobile-friendly version of this platform, please download the Teachable App in the App Store. The Teachable App makes it easy to watch the videos or listen to the audio from any location (as long as you have internet connection).

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.